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Journal of Flexible and Printed Electronics. Vol. 2, No. 1, 2023

Vertical 3-Terminal Artificial Synaptic Devices
수직구조 3단자 인공 시냅스 소자
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):1-13.
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Bio-Inspired Camera Mimicking the Structural and Functional Features of Biological Vision
시각의 구조적, 기능적 특징을 모사한 생체모사 카메라
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):15-23.
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Biodegradable Functional Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Composite Materials for Transient Electronic Devices
시한성 전자소자를 위한 생분해성 기능성 무기/유기 하이브리드 복합재료
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):25-45.
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Flexible Neural Electrodes Using Novel Materials
신소재물질을 이용한 유연 신경전극
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):47-60.
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Recent Progress in Liquid Crystal-Based Smart Windows
액정 스마트 윈도우 연구 동향
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):61-76.
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Large-Area Perovskite Solar Cells Prepared by Solution-Shearing Using 2-Ethoxyethanol-Base Volatile Solvent
2-에톡시에탄올 휘발성 용매를 기반으로 용액 전단 제조된 대면적 페로브스카이트 태양전지
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):77-86.
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NIR Light-Emitting Devices Based on Ligand-Crosslinked CuInS2/ZnS Quantum Dot Emissive Layer
리간드가 광가교된 CuInS2/ZnS 양자점 기반 근적외선 발광다이오드
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):87-96.
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Analysis of Nanoparticle-Embedded-Resin Printing Conditions for High-Aspect-Ratio Metasurfaces
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):97-105.
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Characterizing Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Depending on Host Composition of Emitting Layer
발광층 호스트 구조에 따른 용액공정 기반 저분자 유기 발광 다이오드의 소자 거동
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):107-118.
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Rhodanine-Based Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells with a High Open-Circuit Voltage of 1.07 V
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(1):119-143.
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