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Journal of Flexible and Printed Electronics. Vol. 2, No. 2, 2023

Integrated Devices Combining Perovskite Solar Cells and Energy Storage Devices
페로브스카이트 태양전지 기반의 광전 변환 및 에너지 저장 융합 소자
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):145-159.
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Recent Progress in Two-Terminal Memristors Utilizing Halide Perovskites and Their Potential Applications
할라이드 페로브스카이트 2단자 멤리스터의 최근 연구 동향
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):161-185.
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Trends in Mechanical Metamaterial Research Based on Kirigami and Origami for Functional Structure Implementation
기능성 구조를 구현하기 위한 키리가미, 오리가미 기반의 기계적 메타물질 응용연구 동향
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):187-198.
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3D Integration of Flexible and Printed Electronics: Integrated Circuits, Memories, and Sensors
3차원 집적 유연 인쇄 전자: 집적 회로, 메모리, 센서
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):199-210.
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Recent Advances in the Development of Deformable Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes
형태 가변형 양자점 발광 다이오드의 개발 관련 최신 연구 동향
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):211-227.
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Autonomous Self-Healable, Ag Nanowire-Polymer Composite Flexible Electrode for Underwater Sensors
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):229-242.
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Highly Bright and Efficient Flexible Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes on Metal-Coated PEN Substrate
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):243-251.
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Simplified Inverted Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes using Metal Foils as Both a Cathode and Substrate
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):253-259.
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Study on Time Dependent Growth of Single Crystalline Copper Nanosheets
단결정 구리나노시트의 시간에 따른 성장 연구
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):261-271.
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Bi-Direction Continuous Inkjet Printing for Selective Area Coating
선택적 영역 코팅을 위한 양방향 연속 잉크젯 프린팅
J. Flex. Print. Electron. 2023;2(2):273-280.
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